#NEWBASIC of the Week

HTCAF Turtleneck handmade by Anjia Jalac for Various Love Affairs
#HTCAF Cropped Turtleneck Handmade by Anjia Jalac for Various Loveaffairs

Hello!  It's Tuesday and time for another episode of #newbasic of the week.  A few weeks ago, before our big west coast move, I went on a family road trip.  Everything about this LA thing was (is) super exciting except for being too far away from the Jalacs-- especially one Florianne Jalac. SO, with all the emotions and the frantic packing (aka procrastinating) for both the move and the vacation, I forfeited packing for the vacation all together and just threw a bunch of fabric in the car along with my sewing machines.  queue vacation slideshow! 

Fun fact: my favorite time to sew is when I (really) need something to wear (like that moment). Of course having only packed fabric and 2 pairs of pants in a bundle, it was a pretty productive weekend!  Sometimes I make something for myself that ends up being a never-to-be-made again one-off.  Other times I'll make a pattern and that piece makes it to the Forever collection. I made the first HTCAF in dusty pink seen.  As the newest addition to the weekly #newbasics project,  it's currently available in the shop in black and blue velvet.  But as always, custom color requests are welcome and very encouraged.  Oh, and don't forget code HTCAF for this week's 15% off intro discount.