What is love: Rush Midnight

A new "what is love" blog post featuring birthday boy, Rush Midnight/ Russ Manning.  It's fun when your lover is also a really dear friend and also does fun flower filled photoshoots with you!  I wish there was a better name or term for "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" or "significant other" that sounds less silly, but that's not the point. ..Thanks for all the vibrant adventures, Russy.  Happy Birthday. 



What is love?

Love is chemistry between two objects, ideally human.

Where is your love?

My love is everywhere but three things make it churn.  My partner in crime, the creative process, and the sun.

What does love sound like?

Love sounds like a breezy night.  When holding your lovers hand all you hear is a distant commotion in the background.  Love makes you faded.  Love creates a barrier.

Can you love an object?

Yes, but the object can't love you back... 

Can love repeat?

Yes.  Love can reoccur in cycles between the same people.  A new lover can even trigger your old heart strings.

Describe the end (of love)

The end of love can happen in a heartbeat.  It's a slow build but finally a switch turns off... It's also like switching on the fluorescent lights after last call at a bar where you don't belong.

The end of love hurts but I imagine the abrupt disappearance of your true love hurts the most.  The beginning is the best part and for some of us it's always beginning.


Rush Midnight: soundcloud.com/rushmidnight

Styling, Photography: Anjia Jalac